Bulk Waste Collection

Council will soon begin collecting Bulk Waste (household junk and prunings) in the Town of Mosman Park to assist you in keeping your property looking beautiful.

The next scheduled collections of Bulk Waste are listed below:

16-20 June 2014 14-25 April 2014
22-26 September 2014 3-14 November 2014
16-20 February 2015 13-24 April 2015
22-27 June 2015  

To make the most of this free opportunity to have your waste collected, please note the following advice:

Green Waste

Help us collect your green waste by:

  • Using ONLY the authorised green waste bags that are available for purchase from the Town of Mosman Park's Administration Centre for $5.50.  To purchase and collect your bag, visit the Town's Administration Centre on the corner of Bay View Terrace and Memorial Drive between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Only place tree and shrub prunings on your verge.
  • Ensuring that your prunings are no longer than 1.5 metres (5 ft)
  • Ensuring that your prunings weigh 16kgs (35lbs) or less
  • Stacking green waste neatly on the street verge with the cut ends facing the street


  • Put loose green waste in unauthorised bags
  • Bundle or bale green waste, tie it with string or place it in boxes or other containers including garbage bags, plastic bags, wool bales or bulker bags
  • Include tree stumps, large tree roots, large tree trunks or branches
  • Include household rubbish with your green waste
  • Deposit waste on the road, footpath, driveway, laneway or in a mews.  Residents living in properties that front onto laneways should place their waste on the nearest verge for collection.

Mixed Waste (junk, whitegoods, appliances)

Help us collect your mixed waste by:

  • Separating junk from green waste
  • Making two separate piles of waste - one just for green waste and one for other waste
  • Ensuring that small, loose items are placed in containers that will be disposed of
  • Placing your mixed waste on your verge
  • Ensuring that large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and dryers) have their doors removed
  • Dismantling all large waste items (larger than 1.5 metres in length) for easy collection by our trucks


  • Rubble, concrete or building materials
  • Asbestos or cement products
  • Paint, chemicals or motor oil
  • Batteries or flammable liquids
  • Herbicides or pesticides
  • Mattresses
  • Food waste
  • Tyres
  • Large vehicle parts


All tree and shrub prunings collected will be recycled into mulch at the Western Metropolitan Regional Council's Greenwaste Recycling facility in Shenton Park.

By recycling our green waste, we reduce landfill, and create mulch for horticulture and landscaping.

Please do not place any waste on your verge any earlier than TEN DAYS before the collection date.  Council reserves the right to penalise residents who deposit waste prior to ten days before collection or after the collection has been completed.

Don't deposit any waste AFTER 6am on the day of collection as it will not be picked up.

Once your waste is deposited on your verge, please be patient and wait for the completion of the collection process before contacting Council to enquire about collections in your street.

Unauthorised waste will not be collected.  Illegal dumping of waste in the Town of Mosman Park will not be tolerated and any incidences should be reported immediately.





'The Crest' development - Have Your Say

The Town of Mosman Park is seeking public comment on revised draft planning policy 'The Crest Estate' Design Guidelines and plan of subdivision for the former Buckland Special School site located at Lot 200 (58) McCabe Street, Mosman Park.

The purpose of the policy is to create design guidelines and control future development. Both the policy and subdivision plan have been amended by the developer as a result of concerns raised by the community in 2013.

Copies of the draft policy and subdivision plan are available for inspection at Council Offices located in Memorial Park, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park up to and including 7 April 2014.  All key documents are also indexed below.

A public drop-in session will be held on Saturday 22 March 2014, from 9am-11am at the Town's Administration Centre, for those wishing to make comment in person, view the plans, ask questions or seek advice from Council staff about the proposal.

Submissions may be made in writing on or before 7 April 2014 to:
Chief Executive Officer
Town of Mosman Park
PO Box 3
or by email to:

The Crest - Policy

The Crest - Subdivision Plan

The Crest - Local Development Plan


Men's Shed Get Crafty

The Mosman Park Community Men's Shed will host a Craft Market on Sunday 16 March at Tom Perrott Reserve.  
































Christmas Office Closures


Mosman Park Shopping Centre - Submission Deadline Extended


The Town of Mosman Park has received a Development Assessment Panel (DAP) application for the redevelopment of Mosman Park Shopping Centre for use as shops and office space at the abovementioned property.

Following a community meeting held on 28 November 2013 at Memorial Hall regarding the abovementioned development proposal the following actions were agreed to by the Town of Mosman Park:

1. Extend deadline for public comment on the proposal to 9 December 2013;
2. Consider an independent assessment of traffic flow in and around the development site;
3. Convene a further meeting with the aim to obtain community input into proposed Council Development Assessment Panel submission; and
4. Confirm the above approach with a report to the December 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting.

A copy of the minutes from the meeting held on 28 November 2013 can be accessed by clicking here

Plans and details of the proposal are available for inspection by clicking here or by visiting the Town of Mosman Park's Administration Centre between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the Town in writing on or before: 9 December 2013.

Submissions may be made in writing to:
Chief Executive Officer
Town of Mosman Park
PO Box 3
or by email to:

Please note: Although comments will be taken into consideration, the application will be determined by a Development Assessment Panel and not by the Council of the Town of Mosman Park.

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