Have you seen this crab?

The Asian paddle crab is an aggressive non-native crab that could spread devastating disease to prawns, crabs and lobsters.

It can carry a disease that causes poisoning in humans, and could out-compete native crabs like our iconic blue swimmer.

The paddle crab is not currently established in Australia, but has significant potential to do so and to become a major pest.

Recently, an Asian Paddle Crab was caught in Matilda Bay, and it is important to report any instances of these pest species in our local waterways.

If you spot one of these Asian Paddle Crabs, call FishWatch on 1800 815 507 where you can also report:

  • aquatic pests;
  • aquatic diseases (including fish kills);
  • illegal fishing.

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2015 School Term and Holiday Dates

More than 2,000 students study here in Mosman Park each year.  Listed here you will find all of the school term dates for Mosman Park Primary School, Beehive Montessori School, St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, Iona Primary and Iona Presentation College.

For the most correct and accurate information, parents are advised to read their school newsletters, as dates can be subject to change.


The Russell Brown Adventure Park is Being Constructed




Mosman Park Delivers Industry Leading Result in Customer Satisfaction, but Remains Focussed on Continuous Improvement


A recent survey has revealed that the Town of Mosman Park has achieved industry-leading performance in many key areas of their service delivery, but the team remains focussed on the need to implement ongoing improvements into the future.

To view a powerpoint presentation on the highlights of the findings, click here

In its biennial Community Perceptions Survey conducted during June/July 2014, residents were polled on key aspects of Council’s programmes and services and the results revealed that the Town of Mosman Park leads the way for overall performance and has received the number 1 ranking in a field of 24 Councils surveyed.

Town of Mosman Park CEO Kevin Poynton was pleased with the result, and has shared the kudos with his management team.  He said that strategies and systems put in place over the last two years had delivered great results, but he was quick to point out the need for ongoing improvement.

Mr Poynton thanked residents for their time and effort in completing the survey, and promised that he and the team would continue to work towards meeting community expectations on key priorities for the future.

The survey, conducted by Catalyse, is the latest in a series conducted since 2008, in order to gauge the community’s general wellbeing for the purposes of assessing community concerns and priorities and to benchmark service levels with other Local Government authorities.

The survey was mailed to all households in the Town of Mosman Park and ratepayers living outside the Town.  Residents had the option to submit the completed survey using a reply paid envelope or complete the survey online.  550 valid responses were received including 505 residents and 45 ratepayers living outside the area.

Key points:

• 99% of residents are satisfied with Mosman Park as a place to live, and 81% are satisfied with the governing body, the Town of Mosman Park. 

• In a field of 24 councils that evaluate community perceptions, the Town of Mosman Park is leading the way for overall performance. The field includes many western suburbs Councils, including the Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe, City of Nedlands and City of Subiaco.

High Performance Areas:

• The community values the Town’s library and information services, sport and recreation facilities, community buildings, parks, playgrounds and reserves, festivals and events, waste collection services, local roads, and environmental management services.

• The community also rates the local character and identity, and sense of community highly. 

Leading the Way
Compared to other councils that also measure community perceptions, the Town of Mosman Park leads the way in four areas: 1) overall performance; 2) how the community is informed and consulted about local issues; 3) the area’s character and identity; and 4) conservation and environmental management.

The Town is also performing 10 percentage points or more above the industry average on the following areas: how local history and heritage is preserved and promoted; road maintenance; the management and control of traffic on local roads; parks, playgrounds and reserves; sport and recreation facilities; community buildings, halls and public toilets; festivals, events and cultural activities; and, safety and security.

Moving Up
The survey showed that the community thinks the Town’s performance has improved noticeably in the following areas: overall satisfaction with the Town of Mosman Park as a place to live; overall satisfaction with the Town of Mosman Park as a governing organisation; level of customer service; planning and building approvals; density and design of housing in your local area; sport and recreation facilities; conservation and environmental management; and, safety and security.

The work Ahead
When asked about areas for future improvement, residents responded that they would like the Town to focus on improving streetscapes as the top priority.   This includes improving maintenance, tidiness and aesthetics of streetscapes, concentrating on verges, trees and street lighting.  A number of residents suggested underground power.  Other secondary priorities include:  parks, playgrounds and reserves; footpaths and cycleways; waste collection services; traffic management; safety and security; and, the density and design of housing.  

Residents also supported moves for the Town to have a more vibrant and village like atmosphere with a focus on culture and community.  Suggestions include the development of a community hub, with more cafes, shops, markets and community projects.

The community is calling for strategies to reduce speeding, hooning and theft; reduce congestion on local roads; improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists; collect green waste more regularly; and, provide quicker turnaround times for verge side bulk rubbish collections.

An action plan to address the community priorities identified in the survey results will be developed by Town staff in the coming months, to fine tune existing strategies and implement new ideas so that Mosman Park can continue to lead the way in meeting the needs of its residents.

Have Your Say on Draft Planning Policy for Iona Development


The Town of Mosman Park is seeking public comment on its draft planning policy ‘Iona Presentation College Local Development Plan’.

The purpose of the policy is to co-ordinate and guide development of the Iona Presentation College site (Lot 52 Palmerston Street, Mosman Park) in accordance with Clause 3.8 of Town Planning Scheme No 2.

Copies of the draft policy are available for inspection at Council Offices located in Memorial Park, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park up to and including 3 November 2014 and can be downloaded here (large file - 6MB).

A public information session will be held on Monday 27 October 2014, from 6pm-7.30pm at the Town's Administration Centre, for those wishing to make comment in person, ask questions or seek advice from Town staff about the proposal.

Submissions on the policy may be made in writing on or before 3 November 2014 to:

Chief Executive Officer
Town of Mosman Park
P O Box 3

Or by email to:


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