Planning a better Mosman Park!

Local Planning Scheme No. 3 is close to gazettal, allowing for new development opportunities.

New policies
We are developing new local planning policies to ensure superior design outcomes for the new development that LPS3 will allow. We want to hear from you so that we can refine these policies: 

•    LPP14 – Building Height
•    LPP15 – Development Standards for Multiple Dwellings, Mixed-Use Developments and Non-Residential Developments

LPP14 is a summary of building height rules that apply to all types of development in the Town. Its purpose is to ensure that development is at a scale that is compatible with its neighbourhood.

LPP15 provides development standards for development other than single houses and grouped dwellings (units). The policy emphasises high quality design, liveability outcomes for future residents and integration with the streetscape. 

You can also read the report to Council which discusses the background for the policies here.

How do I comment?
•    Comment period: 2 September to 23 September 2017. 
•    Submissions are preferred by email to and you must include “Submission for draft policy LPP14 and/or LPP15” in the subject line.
•    Postal submissions addressed to PO Box 3, Mosman Park, WA 6912.

Budget Adopted

The Town of Mosman Park at a Special Council Meeting held on 10 August 2017 adopted its budget for the next 12 months.

Highlights of the Budget 2017/18 can be viewed here in the Town's Budget Bulletin.

To view the Budget in full, click here

Electoral Role Closes 1 September

Council elections are coming!  This year the votes must be received by 21 October 2017, but in order to have your vote heard, you need to ensure that your enrolment is up to date.

The electoral roll for local government elections in 2017 closes on Friday 1 September 2017.

To check your enrolment, click here or contact the WA Electoral Commission or call the Election Line on 13 63 06.

For more information about the election, or how to stand as a candidate, click here

For information about our forthcoming Town Hall Meeting where you can meet the candidates and ask questions, click here

Preventing Motor Vehicle Crime

The Town of Mosman Park in collaboration with WA Police has developed a new brochure to inform residents about what they can do to help prevent motor vehicle crime.

There is an ongoing problem in the Town with opportunistic theft from motor vehicles while parked on streets, at service stations and even in car parks.

It is imperative that residents heed these warnings and stop making it easy for thieves by not leaving valuables in their cars, as this attracts theft.

The brochure is available in hard copy from the Town's Administration Centre, and can be downloaded here

How to vote if you are a non-resident

If you are the owner of property in Mosman Park but currently reside outside of the Town you still have the opportunity to vote in the Council Election that will be held on the 21st October 2017.  

You will need to download and complete Form 2 - Enrolment Elligibility Claim form which is available here

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