Food Truck Trading

The Town of Mosman Park has carried out community consultation regarding its draft Temporary Food Trading Policy.

The consultation period closed 30th of June 2017. The submissions are currently being reviewed and the draft policy will be updated. 

Do we want Food Trucks in Mosman Park?

Temporary food trading provides diverse food experiences, facilitates community connections and activates existing spaces that will help to make our parks and reserves more attractive both for residents and visitors.

Where can I get more information?

  • The Town’s draft Temporary Food Trading Policy provides information on the type of food trading activities that are likely to be permitted; food trading at approved locations, food trading at events and itinerant food vendors (such as a mobile ice cream truck, for example). You can view this document here.
  • The Town’s Mobile Food Trading Procedure which provides information on trading locations, specific trading conditions and trading times. You can view this document here.
  • Minutes of the Council meeting held on 23 May 2017 showing that the Council Approves in principle the draft temporary food trading policy and procedure for the purpose of public consultation. You can view this document here.

Together the documents provide:

  • A “how to” guide for mobile food vendors wishing to trade in the town.
  • Information on the Town’s trading locations and conditions.
  • Processes to manage the competing needs of various stakeholders, operating times and conditions for trading.
  • A set of criteria which food trading applications will be assessed against:
    • Providing high-quality food options
    • Quality vehicle presentation contributing to the character and energy of the area
    • History of good customer service
    • Affordability of food products (including child/student/senior discounts)
    • Minimal noise associated with trading (quiet generators)
    • Space activation ideas (e.g. providing picnic blankets, kids games in parks)

Proposed Trading Locations:

  1. The Beach / Curtin Avenue (3 sites)
  2. The Boat Ramp / Johnson Parade (1 site)
  3. Mann Oval (1 site)
  4. Skate Park / Tom Perrott Reserve (3 sites)
  5. Minim Cove Park (2 sites)
  6. Chidley Point (1 site)
  7. Garungup Park (1 site)
  8. Bay View Lookout (1 site)
  9. Stirling Hwy by War Tunnels Parking Area (1 site)

Please note that conditions for trading vary between locations. For example location 8. Bay View Lookout will be limited to a small low impact food cart (coffee, gourmet ice cream cart or similar) for a maximum of 2 hours on any two days in any week).

Consultation closed 30 June 2017.

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