Verge Collections

This brochure contains lots of helpful advice when deciding what you should place on your verge, when and for how long. Copies are available from the Town's Administration Centre or by clicking here.  Alternatively, a brochure can be posted to you - call 9384 1633 to request a copy.

Prunings, Junk and Whitegoods Collections

The council will remove prunings (tree and shrub), general household junk and whitegoods.

Key Dates

GREEN WASTE ONLY first day of collection:

21 September 2015                              
15 February 2016                            
20 June 2016                     
19 September 2016


2 November 2015
11 April 2016
7 November 2016


Help us collect your green waste by:

  • Using ONLY the authorised green waste bags that are available for purchase from the Town of Mosman Park's Administration Centre
  • Only placing tree and Shrub Prunings on your verge
  • Ensuring that your prunings are no longer than 1.5 metres (5ft)
  • Ensuring that your prunings weigh 16 kgs (35lbs) or less
  • Ensuring that each branch is less than 150mm in diameter
  • Stacking green waste neatly on the street verge with the cut ends facing the street
  • Placing waste out any time after ten days prior to the first day of collection

Please DON’T

  • Put loose green waste in unauthorised bags
  • Bundle or bale green waste, tie it with string or place it in boxes or other containers
  • Include tree stumps, large tree roots, large tree trunks and branches
  • Include soil, sand, turf or contaminated waste
  • Include other household rubbish with your green waste
  • Deposit waste on the road, footpath, driveway, laneway or in a mews. Residents living in properties that front onto laneways and mews should place their waste on the nearest verge for collection
  • Deposit waste after the first day of collection

MIXED WASTE (Junk, whitegoods, appliances)

Help us collect your mixed waste by:

  • Separating the junk from green waste
  • Making two separate piles of waste, one for JUST green waste and one for other waste
  • Ensure that small, loose junk items are placed in containers that will be disposed of
  • Place your mixed waste on your verge
  • Ensuring that large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and dryers) have their doors removed
  • Dismantling all large waste items (larger than 1.5 metres in length) for easy collection by our trucks

Please DON’T put out

  • Rubble, concrete or building materials
  • Asbestos or cement products
  • Paint, chemicals or motor oil
  • Batteries or flammable liquids
  • Herbicides pesticides
  • Mattresses
  • Food waste
  • Tyres
  • Large vehicle parts


All tree and shrub prunings collected will be recycled into mulch at the Western Metropolitan Regional Council’s Greenwaste Recycling facility in Shenton Park. 

By recycling our green waste, we reduce landfill, and create mulch for horticulture and landscaping. 

Please do not place any waste on your verge any earlier than TEN DAYS before the first day of collection. 

Council reserves the right to penalise residents who deposit waste prior to ten days before collection or after the collection has been completed. 

Don’t deposit any waste AFTER 6am on the first day of collection as it will not be picked up.

Once your waste is deposited on your verge, please be patient and wait for the completion of the collection process before contacting Council to enquire about collections in your street.

Illegal dumping of waste in the Town of Mosman Park will not be tolerated and any incidences should be reported immediately.


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