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Change of use

This page contains information regarding the process required to change the use of your property or a building (e.g. from a shop to a restaurant/cafe).

Please bear in mind this page covers the approvals required for the ‘use’ component of any proposal, if physical works are required this aspect of the proposal may also require approval.

Planning approval for change of use

All land in the Town is zoned. These zones set out what particular uses are permitted and which uses are prohibited. Some uses are permitted without any further approval, while some uses require planning approval.

To check the particular zoning for a piece of land, use our online maps. From here, you can check the particular uses permitted for that zone by referring to the symbols in the Zoning Table in our Local Planning Scheme No. 3.

Symbol meanings:

  • P: use is permitted if it complies with the relevant development standards and/or requirements of our Local Planning Scheme No. 3 and any relevant Local Planning Policy
  • D: use is not permitted unless Council grants approval
  • A: use is not permitted unless Council grants approval following mandatory community consultation
  • X: use is not permitted

If the proposed use is listed as a ‘P’, that use is permitted. You may still need planning approval for a change of use to a ‘P’ use where the car parking requirements for the new use are different to those for the existing use.

If the proposed use is listed as D or A, you will need to apply for planning approval for the change of use.

If the use is listed as X, you will not be able to get approval unless the land is currently being used for a non-conforming use, and the use you are suggesting is less detrimental to the community amenity or closer to the intended purpose for the zone.

You will be required to comply with all the existing development and planning conditions of approval already in place for the site, e.g. parking requirements. You may also need planning approval for any signage or for specific home offices or home businesses.

For a list of development standards and/or requirements, refer to the ‘Additional Site and Development Requirements’ table and Car Parking schedule in our Local Planning Scheme No. 3.

If you are unsure if you require a change of use approval please contact us to discuss your proposal.

Please visit our planning forms and documents page for specific requirements to submit a change of use application.


We aim to process applications within the following guidelines:

  • where we don’t need to consult with neighbours or external agencies: 60 days.
  • where we need to consult with neighbours or external agencies: 90 days.

These timelines may sometimes be extended in consultation with the applicant.

Fees and Charges

The planning application for a change of use is $295 (an additional fee for advertising may apply).

Building and environmental health approval for change of use

Although you may not need planning approval for a change of use, you may still require other approvals, for example:

  • environmental health approval if you plan on starting a food, beauty or hairdressing business
  • building approval (a building permit) for any internal fit-outs, change of building classification, construction or demolition work.

If the change of use changes the classification of the building, you may need to do building work to meet the relevant building standards and the National Construction Code. This will require you to apply for a certified building permit.

A building permit is required for:

  • structural works
  • changes to the internal layout which alters the requirements of the National Construction Code
  • changes to the fire safety features of the building e.g. exit signs, fire sprinklers etc.

You will also need to apply for an Occupancy Permit (BA9) following completion of the works, or if the change of use changes the classification of the building, or if you make changes to the fire safety features of the building.

Please see our building forms and documents page for more information on application forms and checklists for submitting a building application.

Please see our health forms and documents page for more information on submitting a health application.

Fees and charges

The building permit fee for certified construction works with a contract value less than $20,000 is $166.65. If the value of the contract is more than $20,000, the building permit fees will be calculated at the following percentages of the total contract price:

  • application Fee: 0.19%
  • building Service Levy: 0.137%

See estimate your building application fees please visit our building fees page.


We process all BA1 – Application for Building Permit (certified) within 10 working days.

If we need further information to assess your application, you will have up to 21 calendar days to provide any outstanding information. We then have the balance of the remaining 10 working days in which to provide a determination.

If the information is not received within the 21 days, we may refuse your application.