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Crossovers and stormwater


A crossover is the continuation of a driveway from the property boundary to the street which provides access for vehicles from the road into a property.

Land owners are required to obtain written approval from the Town to either alter an existing crossover or construct a new crossover in accordance with the Town’s Crossover Policy and Specifications. Crossover Applications can take a minimum of 10 days to assess before approval is issued.


Cost and Fees

There are currently no inspection or application fees associated with an application to construct a crossover.


Land Owners can apply to the Town for a crossover construction subsidy for the construction of a standard crossover, providing that the proposed crossover is the first crossover historically and numerically servicing the property.

Further information can be found in the Town’s Crossover policy.


Stormwater drainage is now covered by the Residential Design Codes to ensure all stormwater run-off on private property can be contained on site by suitable means to the satisfaction of the Town.

Requirements for Onsite Stormwater Drainage

There are only some areas within the Town that are required to connect to the Town’s existing drainage infrastructure at all times. This restriction will be shown on the Town’s Online Maps.


If you are unsure what your stormwater containment requirements are please contact the Town for further information.