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FOGO in Mosman Park

All your FOGO questions answered here

Wellington Street night works from 26 April-3 May

Major impact to people who use or live along Wellington Street including no street parking during works. Click here for more

Underground Power Project update

What's the latest and next steps

Verges and bonds

Infrastructure Protection Bond

An Infrastructure Protection Bond application seeks approval for access to the Town’s verge during construction periods for the following works:

  • Any building works over $50,000 (certified or uncertified);
  • All swimming pool application (certified or uncertified); and
  • All demolition permit applications

Please Note: The Town’s Infrastructure Protection Bond (IPB) has replaced the Verge Construction Permit process.

Costs and fees

The bond is held by the Town to insure that any damages to the Town’s infrastructure and trees during works is rectified to pre- development conditions.

Associated fees can be found on the Infrastructure Protection Bond application form below or the Town’s current Fees and Charges.

For more information please see the below guiding documents.

Infrastructure Protection Bond Application Form

FAQ – Infrastructure Protection Bond

Refund Request – Infrastructure Protection Bond

Street trees

Urban trees are invaluable assets, particularly in inner-city environments where the conditions can be additionally harsh due to roads, roofs and large amounts of impermeable surfaces. Trees and tree canopies provide shade for pedestrians and cars, provide habitat and refuge for local birds and other fauna, improve air quality, and improve the way our streets look and feel.

Trees provide us with many important benefits, but the wrong tree in the wrong place can have significant negative impacts. This is a big consideration for all local governments to ensure the safety, amenity, and health of trees as well as protection for our surrounding infrastructure.

For more information please visit our Street Trees page

Verge gardens and registering your verge

In the interest of our future wellbeing, the Town wishes to encourage verge gardens that are water wise, aesthetically pleasing and that reflect our natural, built and adopted environment. This not only improves the beauty of our Town, but has a number of environmental benefits, such as increasing biodiversity and providing habitats for birds, lizards, bees and other animals.

For more information regarding planting within the verge adjacent to your property, waterwise verge gardens, registering your verge and more please visit our Verges page