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The Town of Mosman Park uses the West Australian Water Authority (WAWA) 1975 Perth BG34 1:1000 series maps as natural ground level for the purposes of measuring building height.

These maps are available for download to assist in preparing planning applications. The maps are at 1:1000 scale.

First click on the Index map, and then note the number of the map to select the map to download. If the property spans two maps, you will need to download both as there is no overlap.

When printing these maps, ensure that you do not have any scaling turned on in your browser / PDF viewer as this will result in printouts that are not to scale.

Note that the files are large (up to 45MB).


BG34 013.033

BG34 013.034

BG34 013.035

BG34 013.036

BG34 014.033

BG34 014.034

BG34 014.035

BG34 014.036

BG34 014.037

BG34 015.033

BG34 015.034

BG34 015.035

BG34 015.036

BG34 015.037

BG34 016.033

BG34 016.034

BG34 016.035