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Community safety takes all of us

Report anti-social and disruptive behaviour online with the Town and Department of Communities here. For police presence call 131 444.

Underground Power Project update

What's the latest and next steps

Changes to submitting Building Permits

Important - plans submitted as part of a Building Permit application must match the plans associated with the approved DA otherwise an amended DA will be required.

Domestic Violence and Crisis Support

The Town is committed to ensuring Mosman Park continues to be a safe and welcoming place to live. If you or someone you know is experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 000 now.

Food businesses

The Town of Mosman Park aims to ensure the sale of safe and suitable food by all food businesses within the Town.

The Town’s Environmental Health team works with food businesses to achieve the best possible food safety outcomes for residents and visitors. We undertake routine risk assessments of food businesses within the Town, investigate complaints of food poisoning or contaminated food, and provide advice on matters such as kitchen design and food hygiene.

New food businesses and refurbishing a food business
If you intend to open a new food business or refurbish and existing food business within the Town of Mosman Park, you must obtain all the relevant approvals relating to planning, building and environmental health. Food businesses are required to comply with the Food Act 2008, Food Regulations 2009 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, specifically Chapter 3 of the Food Standards of the Code. Further guidance in relation to the fit out and operational requirements of a food business can be found on the Safe Food Australia website, published by the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) and in the Town’s Food Business Guidelines.  It is recommended that you seek the advice from the Town’s Environmental Health Officer before submitting any applications.

Buying an established food business
If you are buying a food business, you must notify the Town by completing our Food Business Registration and Notification form. Should you wish to obtain information on a food business you are looking to purchase, such as outstanding fees or whether there are any health notices, you must submit a Food Business settlement enquiry to the Town.

Residential food business
The Food Act 2008 permits a food business to prepare foods and conduct food activities of a low risk nature in residential premises. Examples of low risk food activities are cake decorating, jams, pickles, biscuits, baked goods (without cream), food for bed and breakfasts or food for community or charitable purposes. If you wish to sell food prepared at home, you must first submit a Change of Use application to the Town’s planning team. Please contact them for further information on this process.

Following planning approval, you will need to complete the Food Business Registration and Notification Form.  The Town’s Guidelines for Operating a Residential Food Business provides information on the requirements for a residential food business or you can contact the Town’s Environmental Health Services on 9383 6600.

Food safety information and training
The Town is pleased to provide you with free and unlimited access to an exciting new product that will assist you and your food handlers in gaining valuable skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene. This will help to ensure that only safe and suitable food is produced at your food business. The I’m Alert Food Safety Training Program is presented in an interactive, easy to follow format and includes the ability for the user to print off an acknowledgement form and a certificate upon completion of the program that can be kept as a part of your staff records. This training program will assist food business managers in ensuring all staff are trained in this important area and thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illness resulting from poor food handling practices. It is recommended that all food handlers within your food business take part in this training. Visit to access the training now.