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Community safety takes all of us

Report anti-social and disruptive behaviour online with the Town and Department of Communities here. For police presence call 131 444.

Underground Power Project update

What's the latest and next steps

Changes to submitting Building Permits

Important - plans submitted as part of a Building Permit application must match the plans associated with the approved DA otherwise an amended DA will be required.

Domestic Violence and Crisis Support

The Town is committed to ensuring Mosman Park continues to be a safe and welcoming place to live. If you or someone you know is experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 000 now.

Skin Penetration

Skin penetration is a procedure in which the skin or a mucous membrane is cut, punctured, torn or shaved. It includes body art such as tattoos, piercing, scarification or branding, dermal anchors and some beauty therapies such as waxing, shaving, tweezing and acupuncture.

The skin penetration regulations do not apply to medical practitioners, dentists, a person under the supervision of a medical practitioner, podiatrists, nurses or any other person registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

The Department of Health has provided additional useful guidance and information:
Skin penetration procedures and the law (

Operators who perform skin penetration procedures are required by law to operate at high standards of infection control (preventing the risk of viral, bacterial and fungal infections) and must comply with the:
Health (Skin Penetration Procedures) Regulations 1998 (external site) 
Code of Practice for Skin Penetration Procedures (PDF 324KB).

The regulations and code outline minimum standards for the fit-out of the premise and for infection control including basic hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation requirements.

Should you intend to operate a skin penetration premises within the Town, please complete and submit a Skin Penetration Application Form.  Separate to this, if you’re considering fitting out a new premises with changes to walls, ventilation (roof) or the outside of the building, you will need to apply for a building permit.

It is also important to confirm that you have the relevant planning approvals in place prior to submitting your Skin Penetration Application. If a Change of Use planning approval is required for your premises, please ensure you apply for this as soon as possible, as it may delay the commencement of your fit out / building works or your ability to trade.

Once your fit out is complete, you will be required to book a health inspection prior to opening. Routine inspections may be undertaken to ensure health risks are minimised, and legislation is complied with.

Application fees do apply and can be found in our fees and charges schedule. You will be advised during the application process of the appropriate application fees and ongoing routine inspection fees as required.