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Submitting a Development Application

Please read through the sections below for information on submitting different types of planning applications to the Town. All applications must be submitted via email to

New Applications

To submit a new planning application, please download an application form and the relevant checklist using the links below. An application for development approval will not be formally accepted without an application form, a completed checklist and the required documentation as outlined within the checklist itself.
Application form: Development Approval

Certain types of development are exempt from requiring development approval under clause 61 of the Deemed Provisions. These exemptions include the construction of a new single house, or additions and/or alterations to an existing single house that meet all of the applicable ‘deemed-to-comply’ criteria of the R-Codes – Volume 1 and any relevant local planning policy.

The deemed-to-comply check pathway allows people who are intending to build a new single house or extend/alter an existing dwelling to have certainty regarding what approvals are required and, if any major issues are identified with the proposal, this allows for an opportunity to revise your plans before lodging a formal application.

A deemed-to-comply check application can be submitted to the Town by emailing a completed application form (see link below) and providing all other required information to Upon lodgement, if all necessary information has been provided, The Town will provide you with the outcome of your Deemed to Comply Check within 14 days of formally accepting the application.

Application form: Advice (Deemed-to-Comply Check)

Amend an Existing Approval

If you have already received an approval issued by the Town and you wish to alter an aspect of the approved plans, please download the application form below to amend your existing approval. Under clause 77 of Schedule 2, Part 9 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, an owner may submit an application to the Town to amend a development approval to do any or all of the following:

1. Amend the approval to extend the period within which any development approved must be substantially commenced;
2. Amend or delete any condition to which the approval is subject;
3. Amend an aspect of the development approval which, if approved, would not substantially change the development approved (i.e. no new variations, or changes that exacerbate an existing variation);
4. Cancel the approval.

Please download and complete the application form and checklist via the links below:
Application form: Amend a Development Approval
Checklist: Amend a Development Approval


Non-standard Development Assessment Pathways

Joint Development Assessment Panel
The purpose of a JDAP is to determine higher value development applications in place of Local Governments. If your project is valued more than $2 million and is not excluded from this pathway, a panel of 3 industry experts and 2 local Councillors can determine your application in place of a full Council meeting or Delegated Officer. For more information please visit our Development Assessment Panels page.

Works on Crown Land
If your project is located on a Crown Reserve, a Metropolitan Region Scheme application form must be included with your application.
MRS Application Form

Works within the Swan-Canning Development Control Area
If your project is located within the Swan-Canning Development Control Area this form must be included with your application.
DBCA Application Form



When submitting a Development Application, a statutory fee is payable in accordance with the Planning and Development Regulations 2009. Refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges to establish the cost for your application.

Town of Mosman Park Schedule of Fees and Charges

Development Assessment Panel Fees and Charges