New Local Planning Scheme Opens Doors for Development in Mosman Park

The Town of Mosman Park will soon be open to an exciting new range of options and opportunities for development when its new Local Planning Scheme comes into effect on 28 February 2018.

On 18 January 2018, the Minister for Planning formally approved the Town of Mosman Park’s new Local Planning Scheme.  It provides a blueprint for the future development of the Town, key to which are opportunities for higher building density, which reflect the desirability of Mosman Park in both the residential and commercial areas, which in turn is reflected in continued strong demand and high prices for land in the area.

Key highlighted changes to note include:

•    Opportunities for multi-storey dwellings in some areas of the Town (Glyde Street, Wellington Street, Victoria Street and Stirling Highway);
•    Opportunities for subdivision of residential land in select areas; and 
•    Greater flexibility of use for buildings in commercial areas.

Mayor of the Town of Mosman Park, Brett Pollock, has welcomed the new Local Planning Scheme which he has described as a landmark moment for the Town that will open up the suburb to a plethora of new opportunities for existing residential and commercial property owners, as well as those who have wanted to build new projects in the Town.

“Key priorities for the Town in relation to strategic planning include the need to accommodate an increasing population, maintaining high levels of green space, ensuring there is adequate infrastructure and services for transport connections, and protecting the character of the area.”

“The new Scheme is in keeping with current trends towards higher density living and the mix of residential with commercial.  It will further enhance our Town as a highly desirable location, given our proximity to both the Swan River and Indian Ocean as well as access to excellent local schools and transport links to Perth and Fremantle.”

“It will also enable owners of sizeable blocks of land to realise the full worth of those blocks by opening them up to the potential of sub-division and this is a very exciting opportunity for many of our residents,” Mayor Pollock said.  “The new Scheme will assist us in achieving the aims of sustainable and appropriate population growth, a vibrant and active Town centre, and the maintenance of the character of the residential areas of the Town.”

 “It is important for Council and our community that the unique character of the area is recognised and that development takes place in line with that character.”
“A current and contemporary Local Planning Scheme provides an up-to-date rule book for managing the built environment in the Town and will allow for more effective decision making in relation to land use and new forms of development,” Mayor Pollock said.
Mayor Pollock thanked Councillors and staff for their contribution to this process, recognising the challenges ahead in implementing the new Scheme. 

Full details are available here

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