Review of Dogs in Public Places Policy - Have Your Say

The Town of Mosman Park has adopted a draft policy to review new dog exercise areas (off-lead areas) and dog prohibited areas within the Town.  To view the policy in detail, click here (NB: large attachment) and scroll to page 109 to read report item 11.1.3: Review of Policy 1.3.7 Dogs in Public Places, and for the details, see attachment 6 which begins on page 169.

In summary, the revisions to the policy are proposing that:

•    there are no changes to the existing zonings and timings, except to Mann Oval where the overall number of off lead hours are to be increased as no restriction to off lead hours are proposed over the school holidays, although it is proposed that the number of off lead hours on each school day are to be reduced slightly; and

•    there is the introduction of 7 new areas, some of which to enable dog walkers longer stretches of off-lead areas.

An online survey will be available here to enable you to vote on each of the areas included in the proposed policy and hard copies of the survey for completion by hand will also be available at the Town’s Administration office on Memorial Drive, Mosman Park.

The consultation period is open from 6 April 2018 to 4 May 2018, so be sure to complete the survey before close of business on 4 May 2018 to have your views heard.

Once advertising is complete it will be possible to determine on the basis of the votes received for each area, if there are any areas that should not be included in the policy. 

Please note that all areas not specified as dog prohibited and dog off lead exercise areas remain dog on lead areas.

The final version of policy 1.3.7 is expected to be presented to Council in June 2018 for adoption.

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