Moratorium on Infringements for Dog-Related Offences  

At the March meeting, Council noted that the CEO will be lifting the moratorium on dog-related offences from 1 May 2018, except for offences associated with walking of dogs i.e. walking a dog off lead in an on-lead area, or walking a dog in a dog prohibited area.  

This means that officers of the Town will be able to issue infringements to dog owners/walkers.

To avoid receiving an infringement, please:

•   Check that your dog has its tag on at all times;

•   Pick up after your dog and dispose of their waste;

•   Ensure your dog is registered;  

•   Provide your name and details to the Rangers where asked to do so;

•   Comply with the laws relating to dog ownership.

For details see here  

Once Policy 1.3.7 has been adopted, the moratorium relating to infringements for the walking of dogs will also be lifted.

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