Time Running Out to Register Your Dinghy

Dinghy storage in Mosman Park is changing, and the Town is keen for all dinghy owners to register their vessels with the Town under the new system so that owners can avoid their dinghies being impounded.

In early June the Town advised that a new process for the management of dinghies would take effect from 1 July 2018. The changes were implemented to align with the Swan River Trust’s requirements to improve public safety, access and amenity on the Swan River foreshore.  The Town has gained approval from the Swan River Trust for two locations for dinghy storage in Mosman Park; Mosman Bay North and The Coombe.

Dinghy owners who wish to store their craft in Mosman Park are now required to register with the Town and be supplied with a storage plot and registration tag. These applications have been open since 1 July 2018, with the first applicants being approved to begin their storage from 1 August.

All remaining dinghies that are yet to be registered have until 31 August 2018 to apply for a plot at their preferred location. As there are limited plots available, the Town encourages people to apply quickly to ensure they have the best chance of being successful.

Mayor of Mosman Park, Brett Pollock, said he understood that owning a dinghy and enjoying boating and fishing in the Swan River was a much loved pastime for residents of and visitors to Mosman Park for generations, but that dinghies now also need to be managed to ensure safety and fair access for all.

“The last thing we want to be doing is impounding people’s pleasure craft, so we need everyone to do the right thing, register their dinghies and then get on with enjoying the Town’s waterways,” Mayor Pollock said.

From 31 August 2018 the Town will begin the process of identifying and impounding all unregistered dinghies along the foreshore.  For more information or to register your Dinghy please click here or call the Administration Centre 08 9384 1633.

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