Revised Draft Policy on Dogs in Public Places to be Discussed next week

In response to our community meeting held in October 2017, and the feedback that was received in the subsequent months, we have heard community concerns about the designation of dog exercise areas in Mosman Park and are happy to report that we have drafted a new policy.

This draft policy will be discussed at Council's forthcoming Agenda Forum that will be held on Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 6pm at the Council chambers, and will be voted on at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 25 September, also at 6pm.

The report can be viewed here and If you are interested in the issues raised in this report, we encourage you to attend.


The final Draft Policy (Attachment 8 to the Council Report that begins on page 9 of this document) that is recommended for adoption is the result of balancing the interests of dog owners and non-dog owners in the community.
Using the areas listed as dog prohibited areas, dog exercise areas and restricted dog exercise areas as a base, the Policy proposes to change the status quo of one area, namely the section of Minim Cove Reserve located south of the cliff face between the Jetty and a point on the River aligned with Stone Street, from dog prohibited area to dog exercise area.

All other existing dog exercise and dog prohibited areas remain unchanged in the way in which they can be used by dogs and their owners, although the Policy has been refined to ensure that the description of land is accurate and that there is no conflict between the provided maps in the Policy and its provisions.
Additionally, the Policy proposes to add seven new dog exercise areas and introduces the concept ofallowing dogs off lead on many of the paths located in the exercise areas, as it delivers on the request for:

  • A continuous off lead area alongside the river from the staircase to the Rotunda at Milo Beach and ends at before the boardwalk at Point Roe Reserve;
  • Access for dogs to the river by removing the previous restriction on sections of Minim Cove Reserve; and
  • Additional off lead areas at Lyell Park (limited to the grassed area only) and Centenary Park.
  • With this increase in dog exercise areas, the Town now has two fenced/semi fenced dog exercise areas, namely Nash Field and Centenary Park.

The availability of the sporting ovals as dog exercise areas has remained unchanged, although Council has independently of this Policy Review process, determined that Mann Oval will no longer be available for booking for sports events outside of the dog prohibited hours.
Towards the end of the consultation period, there was also a request to include the beach at the end of The Coombe as an off lead area.  It is considered that it would be inappropriate to include this request until the proposal has been subject to a consultation process.
Once the draft policy has been discussed at the Agenda Forum on Tuesday 18 September and voted on at the Council meeting on Tuesday 25 September, Town will advise the community by:

Updating all signage throughout the district which will deliver on the community request to “provide more clarity where the off lead areas are located”;

Distributing an information sheet in hard copy to dog walkers for the period from the date of adoption of the Policy until all signs are in place;

Making the information sheet and Policy available on the Town’s website. 

Once all signage is in place, the moratorium on infringements will no longer apply. 

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