The Future of One of Mosman Park’s Key Sports and Recreation Precincts Takes Shape

The Town of Mosman Park is working with key stakeholders to plan the future vision for several key facilities adjacent to Davis and Mann Ovals, Nash Field and local schools.  

Mayor of Mosman Park, Brett Pollock, advised that a draft Master Plan was being developed for this precinct, in partnership with Mosman Park Primary Schools (including Mosman Park School for Deaf Children and Kindergarten), St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls (junior and senior), Iona Presentation College (junior and senior) and Western Knights Soccer Club; all of whom have made a financial contribution towards the development of the feasibility study.  He stressed that this was the first iteration of the draft plan and expected that it would go through many revisions as we consult with both stakeholders and the broader community, to arrive an affordable vision that we can all get behind.  A detailed description of the consultation process is available here.

“The Sports and Recreation Plan for Mosman Park that was finalised in 2018 identified key areas for future focus, including the fact that two of our buildings are in need of further investment, and this was the trigger for us to reconsider (based on the data we gathered) how best to plan for the future of this precinct so that all user needs can be catered for,” he said.  He explained that renovating the Nash Field building alone would be in the order of at least $1 million.

He explained that Council had engaged a planner/architect to develop a draft concept of what the redeveloped precinct might look like, and already Council has received valuable input from local schools and other stakeholders, who attended the latest meetings in a series of consultative meetings last night.

“We are keeping an open mind here,” he said, “and listening carefully to the users of these spaces to ensure that we maintain the strong usage of these parks and facilities, but also gear ourselves for current and future growth.”

He said the local schools in the precinct had experienced strong growth in numbers, and that the use of Davis and Mann Ovals as well as Nash Field was high by all three schools.  He said this reflects strong participation in soccer, AFL and junior cricket – to name a few – with interest also expressed by players of gridiron, basketball and netball, as well as skateboarders.

Mayor Pollock said the Town had no fixed or preconceived ideas about the future model for the site.  “This is the start of our journey, which is all about listening to the community,” he said.

“The needs and views and ideas of everyone affected by the proposed changes are being considered, as well as the needs identified already by patrons relating to parking and traffic management which have been an ongoing issue in this area,” Mayor Pollock said.

Further consultation will be held with all interested parties and with the broader community to include all those with an interest in the future of the precinct from within Mosman Park and further afield.

He said as funding for the final Plan was not included within current forward Budget estimates, the Town would examine a range of options for seeking funding, both from the stakeholders and through grants, sponsorships and potential corporate partnerships.  This is all part of Council’s ongoing focus on fiscal responsibility, ensuring the financial sustainability of all future plans.  “We will be particularly looking at where savings can be found through combined community use of any new assets,” Mayor Pollock said.

Key features of the new plan include:

  • Catering for passive as well as active recreation spaces;
  • The new buildings are to the sides of the existing ovals so as to maintain the integrity of those areas;
  • The plan is to replace the building at Nash Field, and for the pre-primary to be relocated to the newly-named Alf Adams Building;
  • A new communal facility will be added between Davis and Mann Ovals for community use
  • The draft plan places a rectangular multi-use oval on Mann Oval and a full-size football oval on Davis Oval;
  • Parking is relocated and expanded ensuring better use of land and this also meets traffic and pedestrian access management issues for students of Mosman Park Primary Schools;
  • The small skate park will be relocated to Davis Oval and the playground will be near to the relocated pre-primary school; and
  • There are new courts proposed at the south end of Mann Oval close to the primary school.

Once the key stakeholders have been consulted, and their views incorporated, a final draft of the Master Plan will be made available and will be the subject of broad public consultation prior to being formally adopted, by early 2019.

Description of draft plan elements

Draft Plan


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