Mosman Park Students Named Young Re-Inventors of the Year

Jewellery made from soft drink cans, a bottle top mosaic and a shower filtering system are just some of the winning entries into Young Re-inventor of the Year 2018.

Equal first place in the high school category was a shower filtering system and a waterfall stand created by students at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, of Mosman Park.

The winning inventions focused on reducing household water use. The shower filtering system allows a user to collect clean water from a shower, with simple switch stopping the collection once soap is being used. The waterfall stand increases the surface area for the collection of water for a pot plant. Both of these inventions were made from materials that would have ended up in the bin, such as chux clothes, used balloons, Styrofoam and milk bottles.

The creative students also took out the inaugural ‘Change Makers’ award, presented to young people that made a concerted effort to share their message of waste reduction. You can see the short clip the students created on YouTube, which was also shared with the school community through the school website and social media.

St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls has won a sustainability prize pack to help the students continue to work on their passion for plastic waste reduction.

Mayor of the Town of Mosman Park, Brett Pollock beamed with pride as he said: "Our local community, including the thousands of young people who attend schools in our Town each day, are committed to reducing waste and it’s great to see them leading the way and finding creative ways to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfill,". 

Young Re-inventor of the Year challenges young people to re-think waste. In 2018, Young Re-inventor of the Year adopted a Water theme and asked young people to re-invent rubbish into something that helps keep our waterways clean or conserves water. The annual re-use program attracted 138 entries created by more than 400 young people from across Western Australia.

Switch Your Thinking is a local government sustainability initiative inspiring sustainable action in schools, businesses and the community.  Young Re-inventor of the Year is funded through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account administered by the Waste Authority.              

See the full list of the winners and their inventions at and here are the winning entries from the students at St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, of Mosman Park:

The Shower Filtering System

The Shower Filtering System is a simple way to reduce water waste in your home. On the floor of the showers are two drains and a slider that is controlled by your foot. During the time you use shampoos and other products with chemicals, the first drain will be uncovered. This means that the grey water will be collected in a container, preventing it from entering the water-ways and damaging the ecosystem. After this, it can be collected and taken to a water treatment plant. The second drain is connected to pipes that filter the water and microbeads. The filters of various sizes clean the water by separating the solids from the liquid. This clean water can then be used in the garden so that the water is recycled and not wasted. This invention is made of recycled materials that are frequently thrown away such as cans, fruit and vegetable mesh sacks, foam meat containers, plastic bottle caps, chux clothes, juice bottles and used balloons. These materials create the shower floor, pipes, water containers, filters and drains. We believe this invention can change the way Australian’s use water.


The Waterfall Stand

We used the following materials, which would usually been thrown out, and turned them into something new: Styrofoam - strong, waterproof and easy to work with, Milk bottle - solid base, Tin cans - strong plant pots, Stones - used to efficiently weigh the product down, Bamboo sticks - helps to support the stand The Waterfall Stand is a device that saves water by ensuring that more rain falls directly into the pot plant due to higher surface area, rather than some of that precious rainwater going into the drain and being wasted. This stand helps to use up water to the best of its ability. In areas that get drought, dry areas, or areas with minimal rain this can definitely help a lot. Unlike other designs, this invention is simple yet effective. As well as preventing water from being wasted, it also saves your time, so you don’t have to come and water the plants yourself! This product would come as a stand, with pot plants with the green Styrofoam funnels attached, and you can place the pots on the stand.


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