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Phase 2 easing of restrictions on commenced 18 May 2020. The Town is reviewing how best to do this in Mosman Park. Some community areas require detailed review before decisions can be made. This is for health, safety and legal reasons. Click this banner for categories with questions and answers. At the time of publishing, all information was current. For the most current information, visit
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Are You Watching Your Waste?

Our friends at WMRC are running a new program, "Waste Watchers", a collection of workshops and upskilling events designed to give you the skills to live a low waste, sustainable life.

Their recent Waste Survey results indicate that respondents want to create less waste, but find it tricky and time-consuming. Their new hands-on, interactive Waste Watchers Workshops take these factors into consideration. Do one workshop. Do them all. The choice is yours!

Introducing Waste Watchers Workshops:

 A short, engaging yet informative introduction to the world of waste and what you can do to minimise your impact.

In addition to short workshop sessions, residents will also have the opportunity to go on facility tours to see where the waste and recycling goes after it has been collected from your kerbside.

Speak to the experts and get all your waste and recycling questions answered plus find out where you can go to access more information.

Join your local community as you achieve your waste reduction goals, with follow-up and support throughout.

Upcoming Workshops

Ready to get waste-wise? Join in one or all of these upcoming Waste Watchers Workshops:

Create Less Waste at The Grove – Waste Watchers Workshop: Tuesday 30 April, 5.30pm – 8.30pm: The Grove Library

Create Less Waste Mosman Park – Waste Watchers Workshop: Saturday 4 May, 8:45am – 12:00pm: St Luke’s Mosman Park

Where does your waste go? Resource Recovery Facility Tour Saturday 4 May, 11.45am – 4:30pm (although not essential, it is advised that you also book the morning workshop in Mosman Park, needs to be booked separately).

Create Less Waste (Beyond the Basics)- Waste Watchers Workshops Subiaco: Tuesday 28 May, 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Palms Community Centre, Subiaco


$5 + Eventbrite booking fee per workshop. All our evening workshops include light refreshments. Day events include lunch.


Registrations are essential! Bookings can be made here.

Want to know more?

Call the experts on the Recycling Hotline (08) 9384 6711 or email

More Waste Watcher Workshops and events are being planned for the future. To stay informed, subscribe to WMRC's Word on Waste e-newsletter.

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