What Goes in Which Bin?

By now, all properties in Mosman Park will have a red-lidded regular waste bin and a yellow-lidded recycling bin.  

For larger properties (400m² or larger), they also have a lime green-lidded bin for green waste.

What rubbish goes in which bin?

In your red bin:

  • food waste
  • non-recyclable materials
  • green waste (for properties that do NOT have a lime green-lidded green waste bin)

**please note that the Town will conduct a bulk waste collection of both green waste as well as junk and appliances, beginning Monday 14 October.  For details click here

In your yellow bin

  • Recyclable materials including paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium cans (rinsed out), plastic bottles (rinsed out, with lids removed - lids go in your regular waste bin) and glass.

When does which bin get collected?

For a full, comprehensive guide to how the introduction of the three-bin system will affect you and your property, click here.

For answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about the new service, click here.

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