Plastic Free July

Monday next week is the first day of July, the first day of the new financial year, and why not start the year with a commitment to reducing the amount of plastic that you use each day?

By committing to a Plastic Free July, you can join more than 2 million participants worldwide in 150+ countries as we say goodbye to single-use plastics and learn to live responsibly, choosing to refuse, reduce and reuse. Did you know Plastic Free July began here in Perth as an initiative of the WMRC? Since then it has grown in scope to become a global movement.

Already good work is being done in Perth through the ban on single-use plastic bags but this is just the beginning. Think about what you can do to go plastic free, such as:

using a keep cup rather than a plastic-lined coffee cup when you visit your local cafe;

choosing grocery items that are in recyclable paper packaging, cans or bottles;

using refillable water bottles for your sporting activities rather than buying plastic water bottles;

using partitioned lunchboxes for your children rather than using clingfilm to wrap lunch items;

refusing plastic straws in favour of reusable metal ones when ordering drinks;

bring your own cloth or paper bags or reusable and recyclable boxes for groceries.

For lots more practical tips and advice, and to make your own personal pledge to pitch plastic at your place, visit

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