Budget 2019-20 Now Available

Mayor's Message

I am pleased to present the 2019/20 Budget which has evolved after months of deliberation. Our starting point this year was the ten year financial strategy. This budget proposes a 2.5% increase in rates which will continue to protect our environment and manage our community infrastructure to preserve what we love about our Town.

This year, Council has continued its focus on fiscal responsibility and taking a long term view of service delivery. It honours our commitments in the Strategic Community Plan and ensures we have the capacity to engage with the community and respond to specific service requests.

The 2019/20 budget provides funding of $492,000 for enhancements to our parks and reserves and other infrastructure including the Leighton Battery.  Our roads and footpaths will be improved through a $660,000 funding commitment, and the roundabout on the intersection of Palmerston and Wellington Streets will be upgraded thanks to black spot funding. In 2019, Town achieved ‘gold’ status from the Water Corporation, recognising our water-saving initiatives, and we will continue this focus by investing in sustainable irrigation.

Trees and shrubs will be thoughtfully managed to protect and maintain views, and non-glyphosate solutions explored as part of our weed management strategy. This year our residents are able to optimise recycling and keep their gardens and verges looking beautiful through the introduction of a third bin service for green waste. This new service has been provided with no increase to the annual waste charge.

We are maintaining our focus on innovation, including a review of the operations of The Grove Library and Community Centre. The Town remains in a tight income situation, which requires a diligent approach to managing community expectations and striving to minimise rate increases. We are continuing with our approach to allocate money to reserves for future initiatives such as underground power. While these are small steps, they seek to provide responsibly for future projects. 

In the context of our ongoing commitment to fiscal accountability, we will continue to seek a balance between the cost of rates and the need to provide the Town’s services to the high standard our residents expect. This budget delivers that balance, and with the support and hard work of my fellow Councillors and our dedicated staff, the Town will continue to make Mosman Park the desirable location it has always been, Between River and Sea.

Brett Pollock

View the Town of Mosman Park 2019-2020 Budget in full here

View the 2019-2020 Budget Bulletin here


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