Council Elections 2019

The Town of Mosman Park hereby advises that an Ordinary Council Election will be held on Saturday 19 October 2019.

Please note the following WAEC Election Notice dated 24.10.2019

Key Dates

  • 12 September 2019 - Candidate nominations closed.
  • 7 October 2019 - Replacement voting packs available from the Town;
  • 19 October 2019 - Election day, polls close at 6pm.

South Ward Results

In the South Ward, Councillor Andrew Baird has been re-elected unopposed. To view the official election result for the South Ward, click here

Town Hall Meeting

To meet the local candidates standing for election in Mosman Park, attend our Town Hall Meeting on 25 September at 7pm, and you can view the candidate profiles below (displayed in order of the ballot for the North Ward):

Candidate Profiles for the North Ward

Election Advertising and Signs

The Town of Mosman Park Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting Local Law deals with restriction on where signs can be erected.

1.  Signs must not be placed:

  • to obstruct of impede all or part of the view which may be enjoyed from a street, way, footpath, public place or private property of a river, the sea or any other place or feature of natural beauty;
  • so as to obstruct or impede the sight lines required for the free and safe movement of traffic in, to, or from any street, way, footpath, public place or private property;
  • so as to be likely to be confused with or mistaken for an official traffic light or sign or so as to contravene the Main Roads Act 1982 or the Regulations made thereunder;
  • except with the approval of the Council on any ornamental tower, spire, dome or similar architectural feature or on a lift machinery room, bulkhead over stairs or other superstructure over the main roof of a building or structure;
  • on any land that is zoned in the District Zoning Scheme as residential or used for residential purposes other than a site of lawful non-confirming use other than residential, unless specifically permitted in [the Town’s] By-laws;
  • on or to any building or structure of which the stability of the building or structure is, in the opinion of the Building Surveyor, likely to be detrimentally affected by the sign or advertising device;
  • as a moveable or portable sign upon a carriageway, dividing strip or traffic island;
  • on a light or power pole without the approval of the relevant authority responsible for the erection of that pole;
  • upon or inside a vehicle adapted and exhibited primarily to facilitate advertising;
  • in the form of balloons or blimps;
  • so as to have all or any part thereof projected, flashing, animated, moving or rotating; or
  • in or at any site, location or position where, in the opinion of the Council, the advertisement will not be harmonious with the surroundings in the locality in which the advertisement is proposed to be sited, located or positioned or where Council considers it will be undesirable for reasons to be stated by the Council.

2. Signs must be removed as soon as the election is over. For the 2019 elections, that will be Monday 21 October 2019.

Queries about election sign locations or content (excluding electoral material authorisation) can be directed to the Town on 9383 6600 or by email to

Electoral material* authorisations

Section 4.87 of the Local Government Act 1995 provides:

  • All electoral material must include, at the foot of the material, the name and address (not being a post office box) of the person who authorised it.
  • In the case of printed** electoral material, other than material in a newspaper, the name and business address of the printer must appear at the foot of the material.

*electoral material means any advertisement, handbill, pamphlet, notice, letter or article that is intended or calculated to affect the result of an election but does not include an advertisement in a newspaper announcing the holding of a meeting.

**print includes photocopy or reproduction by any means.

Queries about electoral material authorisations can be directed to the Western Australian Electoral Commission Returning Officer, Amber Cooper on 0421 110 002.


If you have any questions about the election, please visit the WA Electoral Commission's website or call the Election Line on 13 63 06 (WA only) or (08) 9214 0400 8.30 am - 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday or send an email to

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