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FOGO in Mosman Park

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Wellington Street night works from 26 April-3 May

Major impact to people who use or live along Wellington Street including no street parking during works. Click here for more

Underground Power Project update

What's the latest and next steps


The Town aims to be an inclusive and truly engaged community guided by several principles including to courageously advocate for the Mosman Park community.

As a diverse and vibrant local government area that is not anti-development but pro-responsible and sustainable development, the Town is seeking:

  • Improvements to transport infrastructure, particularly regarding Stirling Highway
  • Improvements to community amenities for Mosman Park residents
  • Safer river to beach connectivity
  • Improved safety for all road users by alleviating congestion
  • Safer connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists

Our 2021-2031 Strategic Community Plan outlines several objectives and vision:

  • Working with the community to tackle development pressures
  • Future Mosman Park
  • Movement through the Town is safe and accessible
  • Vibrant walkable centres throughout the Town

Bold and courageous advocacy will play a key role in achieving this vision.

What we are advocating for:

  • Government funding for an underpass at Wellington Street to ease congestion along Stirling Highway. With further residential developments close to Stirling Highway under active development, congestion along this major arterial route is expected to worsen.
  • Funding from both Federal and State Government for projects in the Town of Mosman Park, including prioritised transport and public amenities projects

Learn more about our advocacy efforts below and watch our video


Poor traffic flow is a serious issue impacting the length of Stirling Highway from Perth to Fremantle. With more than 3,000 students enrolled across our five schools, many of whom come from outside the Town of Mosman Park, congestion is particularly heavy during peak hour around drop-off and pick-up times. Congestion will worsen as a pipeline of residential developments in Mosman Park and North Fremantle are completed. Due to the chronic underfunding, the Town’s infrastructure has not upgraded in many years while the congestion issues have worsened.

What we are advocating for

An underpass at Wellington Street has been considered in Department of Transport planning since 2001, has the broad support of the community and will deliver significant safety benefits and reduce congestion beyond the boundaries of the Town of Mosman Park.

A Wellington Street underpass can facilitate safe beach access for residents and visitors. The Town of Mosman Park is currently working with key State and Federal representatives to prioritise funding for an underpass at Wellington Street that will improve safety for all road users, alleviate congestion, greatly improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and provide safe beach access for our residents.

What have we been doing

During 2022, we have met with key stakeholders, as well as made contact with relevant Ministers to outline our priorities and garner support, including:

  • Main Roads
  • State Government – relevant Ministers/Legislative Council Members of Parliament 
  • Federal Government Ministers


In June 2022, the Town was referred a DAP application by the City for comment. The proposed City of Fremantle (the City) Development Assessment Panel (DAP) application is for a mixed use development at Lots 5 and 220 Stirling Highway (No. 130), Lots 12 and 253 McCabe Place and Lot 221 Thompson Road, North Fremantle (the subject site). The subject site is known as the former Matilda Bay Brewing Company site and is located entirely within the City.

The proposed mixed use development will comprise of additions, alterations and restoration of the former Matilda Bay Brewery buildings and the addition of three residential towers (16, 11 and 10 storeys in height respectively) comprising of 207 multiple dwellings and a mix of commercial uses (café/restaurant, shop, office, reception centre and industry-light land uses) on the subject site.

The proposed development will be determined by the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) with the City of Fremantle as the local government authority. So far, no date has been set by the City.

What have we been doing

Orderly, responsible and sustainable planning outcomes are an integral part of the Town’s advocacy strategy. The Town has therefore provided a planning response to six (6) aspects of the proposal as follows:

  1. Bulk and Scale;
  2. Context and Character;
  3. Heritage Adaptation;
  4. Landscaping;
  5. Car parking; and
  6. Traffic Management.

In relation to point 6, the Town is aware of the ongoing traffic concerns and issues along the western end of McCabe Street towards Stirling Highway that has been consistently raised by residents from the Town and City of Fremantle.

The Town has engaged and undertaken a comprehensive peer review of the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for Stage 1, TIA for Stage 1 and 2 and the Parking Management Plan (PMP) for Stage 1 by a qualified senior traffic and road safety engineer. Their high number of recommendations (based on traffic and parking) were incorporated into our planning response to the City of Fremantle.