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Gift Register

The Local Government Act 1995 and Local Government Administration Regulations 1996 require local governments to publish an online Gift Register. The register must be updated within ten days of elected members, the CEO, employees and contractors disclosing the receipt of gifts or contributions to travel. Publishing the register online ensures transparency and accountability.

Under the Local Government Act 1995, elected members and the CEO must disclose all gifts they receive valued at $300 or over, unless they are excluded gifts under the Act. If the gift is one of two or more gifts made by one person to the elected member or CEO at any time during a year, the amount of the gift is the sum of the value of those two or more gifts.

Under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, a notifiable gift, in relation to a person who is a local government employee means —

(a)  a gift worth between $50 and $300; or

(b)  a gift that is one of two or more gifts given to the employee by the same person within a period of six  months that are in total worth between $50 and $300.

The Town’s Code of Conduct requires employees to disclose personal gifts valued over $200. Disclosures are to be entered on the Town’s Gift Register and published online.

Current Gift Register – Elected Members and Chief Executive Officer

Current Gift Register – Employees and Contractors

Previous Gift Register

Gift Disclosures – Information and Forms


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