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Air quality


Clean air contributes to the livability of our suburb and city.

Our Environmental Health team air quality in the Town responds to and investigates complaints regarding smoke, dust or odours. If you have an issue relating to air quality near your home and you have been unable to resolve it with your neighbour, you can report it to us.

Wood smoke and wood heaters

Wood heaters are a large source of air pollution in winter and can have significant health impact on those with respiratory illness such as asthma. Mosman Park residents are responsible for ensuring minimal smoke is produced from wood heaters in their homes. We recommend that you:

  • Burn dry, seasoned and untreated firewood
  • Stack wood undercover in a dry, ventilated area
  • Use small logs
  • Burn the fire brightly, even if burning overnight

How your wood heater is installed also affects the amount of smoke produced:

  • Fit the chimney with a concentric shroud chimney top, rather than a conical cap design, to help the smoke travel upwards
  • Fit the chimney flue (the duct or pipe where smoke exits) in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standards 2918:2001.

Learn more on the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website