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Community safety takes all of us

Report anti-social and disruptive behaviour online with the Town and Department of Communities here. For police presence call 131 444.

Underground Power Project update

What's the latest and next steps

Changes to submitting Building Permits

Important - plans submitted as part of a Building Permit application must match the plans associated with the approved DA otherwise an amended DA will be required.

Domestic Violence and Crisis Support

The Town is committed to ensuring Mosman Park continues to be a safe and welcoming place to live. If you or someone you know is experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 000 now.

Rats and rodent control

It’s important that all residents take necessary measures to ensure that rodent populations are kept to a manageable level. The Town of Mosman Park uses first generation rodenticides only and we encourage households/residents to do the same.

The Town is committed to informing and educating our residents on the harmful effects of using second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGAR), that use the following: brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialone, difenacoum or flocoumafen. SGARs persist longer and have more opportunity to poison owls, frogmouths and native reptiles like snakes and goannas. Instead use those with one of the following active poison ingredients: sodium chloride, warfarin, coumatetatryl, or diphacinone.

We are happy to provide residents with rat bait if required. This can be collected from the Town’s main administration building free of charge.

For more information on bird-friendly rodent control check out this brochure from Birdlife Australia or the Birdlife Australia website.

It is important to note that owners and occupiers are required by law to prevent the harbourage of rats as well as securing their destruction.

Some important measures that can be taken to discourage rodents and rodent breeding include:

  • removing rotten and dried fruit and nuts from trees or vines at the end of the season
  • cleaning up pet food dishes and water bowls and remove any other food sources (e.g. vegetable gardens)
  • regularly remove garden waste or other disused materials from your property and cover waste bins
  • do not allow junk and garden refuse to accumulate in your yard and sheds.

The following guide can be used as a quick, handy reference to help protect your home from rodents.

More information can be found at Healthy WA