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Mosman Park Extraordinary Election is on 15 March

Voting packages will arrive mid-Feb. Get to know the candidates here

FOGO in Mosman Park

All your FOGO questions answered here

The next Sunset Eats is on Sunday 17 March

A massive line-up of food trucks, live music and family fun as the sun sets. Head along to Mann Oval from 4.30-8.30pm!

Wasps and bees

European wasps

European wasps attack bees and bee hives and rob them of honey. They have been known to completely destroy hives, damage soft fruits, cause environmental damage through direct predation on native insects and compete with other species including birds.

European wasps are also extremely aggressive, stinging repeatedly with little or no provocation. If these pests become well established in the West, they will seriously impact on our way of life as well as our native flora and fauna.

Identifying a European wasp


Photo courtesy of the WA Department of Agriculture and Food

Any sightings of black and yellow wasps settling on pet foods, fish or other meat products should be regarded as particularly suspicious and reported immediately to the Western Australian Department of Agriculture & Food. Department of Agriculture and Food’s European Wasp Hotline on 1800 084 881.

For further information you can view the Department of Agriculture and Food’s Wasp Identification Guide


If you are experiencing a problem with bees on your own private property, please contact a registered pest control operator.

It is the responsibility of an owner or occupier to ensure that bees and bee hives are removed safely and effectively.

If you spot a bee hive or are experiencing any problems with bees on any of the Town’s parks, reserves or verges, please call us on 9383 6600 to arrange for the prompt removal of the bees and hive.

If you are experiencing any problems with bees from your neighbour’s property, please contact the Town’s Environmental Health Officer.

To keep bees in the Town of Mosman Park please see attached Application for a permit to keep bees and the Town of Mosman Park Beekeeping Local Law 2010.