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Keeping Animals


The Town’s Health Local laws set provisions for the keeping of poultry and animals within the district. Please click on the links below for further information:


The Town permits persons to keep 2 cats over the ages of 3 months on any premises within the Town’s district, however no cats are to be kept for the purpose of breeding.

For information regarding cat ownership please click here .


Please click here for information on Dogs and Dog Laws within the Town.

Large Animals

An owner or occupier within the Town of Mosman Park is not permitted to keep any “large animal” on their premise. A “large animal” includes a horse, mare, pony, camel, bull, cow, ox, ass, mule, donkey, sheep, goat, pig and the young of those animals.

Poultry and Pigeons

Poultry includes fowls, bantams, ducks and other domestic fowls.

An owner or occupier of premises who is not an Affiliated Person* shall not keep a combined total of more than 12 poultry and pigeons, or who is an Affiliated Person, shall not keep a total of more than 50 pigeons and 12 poultry, on any one lot of land.

*Affiliated Person - means a person who is a member of a properly constituted poultry and pigeon Club.

Conditions for Keeping Poultry and Pigeons

A Person who keeps or permits poultry or pigeons to be kept shall ensure:

  • That no poultry is able to approach, or pigeons kept within 6 metres of a dwelling house, public building, street or right-of-way or premises where people are employed or where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold;
  • That all poultry and pigeons are kept within properly constructed and securely fastened structures, enclosures or cages.
  • That all structures, enclosures or cages within which poultry or pigeons are kept are provided with concrete floors trowelled to a smooth finish and laid with a fall of 1 in 50 to the front, maintained at all times in a clean and sanitary condition.

An owner or occupier of premises shall not, without the written approval of the Council, keep or permit to be kept on those premises:

  • A rooster;
  • A goose or gander;
  • A turkey; or
  • A peacock or peahen.


Parrots include parrots, cockatoos, galahs, corellas and the like.

A person who keeps, or permits to be kept parrots shall ensure that:

  • Parrots are not permitted to approach within 6 metres of a dwelling house, public building or premises where people are employed or where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold;
  • Subject to clause (c), cages are to be located at least 6 metres from a dwelling house, public building or premises where people are employed or where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold 1.2metres from the boundary of adjoining properties
  • The approval of the Environmental Health Officer is to be obtained before a cage is kept closer than  6m. Council approval will be granted subject to conditions specific to the property in which the parrots is located and surrounding properties.
  • All cages shall be kept in a clean condition to the satisfaction of the Principal Environmental Health Officer.

Nuisance caused by birds

An owner or occupier of land shall not keep any bird or birds which:

(a) are or create a nuisance; or
(b) emit an unreasonable noise.

The Environmental Health Officer may direct the owner or occupier to remove any bird or birds that are or create a nuisance and/or emits an unreasonable noise.

National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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