Activities on a Road or Verge

Have you ever wanted to place a skip bin on your verge or crossover, perhaps even some sand?

Are you aware that you need the Town's approval to do so?

If you are looking to do any of the following activities you will need to complete and submit an Activities on a Road or Verge application with the Town;

  • Skip bin on Verge or Crossover
  • Sand/Mulch or Loose Materials
  • Cranes
  • 20ft/40ft Containers
  • Building Materials

This form is used is residents or companies are wishing to store or utilise the Town's verges, roads or footpaths, for activities that they are not generally used for.

If you wish to do any of these activities or ones of similar nature, please complete the below form and return to the Town's Administration Centre, or via email at

Application for Activities on Road or Verge

The reasons that the Town wishes to limit the storage on the verge is because:

  • The more storage of materials on the verge there is, the more likely there is damage to public assets which increases costs,
  • Streetscape look, storage of materials for long periods detracts the look of the streetscape from other community members creating an eyesore,
  • To avoid possible conflict between either our works, or works by others such as Western Power. By knowing what might be on verges at certain times, we can inform the right people and avoid dramas last minute.

The approval process is not a complex one, and it is paramount that you apply for these approvals to avoid being penalised for having items stored on your verge or blocking footpaths and roads. No item is to be placed on the verge until you have received a formal written approval from the Town. Fees may apply for longer periods to encourage material to be moved onto people’s private property.

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